Well it’s finally here.

Twinsides’ first release based on food and drink. A nice little 5 track selection of beats blips and melodies. We hope you enjoy your lunch 🙂


Various – “Music be the Food of Love”

Hello netlabel lovers 🙂

As it turns out, finding music based on food isn’t quite as simple we first thought… We’ve scouted though a fair number of tracks, some of them good others not so good or not applicable to our theme, however we do have some very good news for you,  We HAVE managed to lock down some superb tracks for our first release.

The first will be by an artist called Polyslax, who is kindly doing us an exclusive edit of one of his previously released tracks, which is now called “Capers and Pills”. The second is by James Martin with “Lemon Flavored Sunset”. The third and fourth are being finalised as I type this so…

Keep those lovely eyes of yours peeled…



Welcome to twinsides netlabel, we hope to bring you something different – every time.

Our first release will be based on food, yes I know how crazy that sounds! The idea of food an music do not gel together at first, do they, but rest assured this is the first of many obscure projects we are hoping to pull off.

As Shakespeare once said:

If music be the food of love, play on…



Twinsides =)

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